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Do you need a new computer and don't know what to buy? Too many of those flyers and advertisments or pushy salespeople? I can make all the confusing choices simple! Let me sit down with you and listen and assess all your needs, wants, and wishes and I'll advise on the computer system that's perfectly tailored to you!tailored especially for you!

In all my years of working with computers I strongly recommend going with Dell as I've been extremely satisfied with their unparalleled service, customizing abilities, and reliability of their hardware assemblies. Why not buy locally? I used to work a computer shop where we built computer systems and I can guaranty that Dell systems were always compared and considerably more reliable. First thing: Dell has invested lots of research on developing their computer box designs to increase cooling efficiency with ingeniously designed heat exhausting ducts, optimize space with creative manufacturing, and reduce noise by only using ultra-quiet slow RPM fans and passive heatsinks. If servicing, cleaning or upgrading is needed, the "under-the-hood" components are easily managed for even the most unskilled! Dell has put in thousands of hours of testing and "burn-ins" on every laptop, desktop and server computer model that they offer. Local computer shops simply do not have the resources to perform these compatibility tests. Instead, various parts from different manufacturers--even if they are high -quality and top performing--are installed together and are not thoroughly tested for 100% compatibility. This unfortunately results in instabilities and problems down the road.

Customization options are important; this means I can "assemble" a computer on the Dell website exactly how you want it and need it. When you go to a computer store you are usually offered a few choices of already assembled set-in-stone packages and are not given the opportunity to get exactly what you want. The salesperson will want to sell you what he has in stock and will not be an objective consultant.

Dell also offers in-home/business onsite next-business-day warranty and service support which is unparalleled in our East Kootenay region. HP computers are of decent build but their support is limited to you having to ship your computer and wait 4-6 weeks if it needs to be serviced!

I come to your home or office and consult you on which system to purchase and we can complete the sale right then and there! When your customized Dell system arrives I can set everything up for you and move all your personal or business files, email, address book, favorites, pictures and other data from your old computer(s).

I'm not a Dell salesperson, representative, or affiliated with Dell in any way...
I just am happy with all the purchases from Dell I've made for myself and my clients!

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