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After 8 years working at a Kelowna retail business assembling & servicing computers and network systems, my wife and I moved to Cranbrook and I started my own business to fill a much needed service there. In 2015, after nearly 10 years we moved back to Kelowna, and still successfully service and support my clients from the East Kootenays, Lethbridge & Medicine Hat as well as here in the Okanagan.                            

When you have a computer problem in your business, most other IT service providers will just address the problem, fix it and leave. This is called being "reactive". I like to be proactive: Dealing with an emergency is important, but the need for ongoing maintenance, upkeep, prevention is extremely important. I like to form an ongoing business relationship with my clients to ensure their IT systems are kept stable and reliable and to have a long-term plan for future upgrades & scalability.


The whole concept of SuperDave Consulting is not only to offer you affordable service, but to come physically or through remote support to where you are in your home and business and offer a very decent response time!

All the advantages:

    1. You don’t have to unplug everything and then when you get your system back have to remember how to hook it all up.

    2. Computers are heavy and awkward. Hauling them can be a pain!

    3. Save on gas and the time that you have to take out of your day because all computer shops are only open on shorter than typical business hours.

    4. With a quicker response time you experience minimal computer downtime.

    5. You are at home or in your office when I perform the service on your computer system(s). You can ask questions while I work on your computer. If I don’t understand what the problem is you can explain and show me right there so I can fix it. There is no receiving calls from the computer shop asking for clarification on what you need done or problems and then not being able to explain it without driving down and showing them!

    6. You are assured that your personal or business information on your computer is kept secure, safe, and confidential as it never leaves your home or office.

    7. Your display settings and personal setup of your Windows desktop such as size of icons, fonts, themes will stay intact as this sometimes gets inadvertently changed at shops. If you need to have this changed or optimized I can do it exactly how you like it in front of your eyes.

    8. Finally and most importantly: you witness the problem resolved right in front of you. There is no trusting that the issues were resolved remotely at the computer shop and then when you get it home you find it doesn’t work!

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